Are you fulfilled and living your best life; one that feels true to you?

OR are you …

Feeling like you’re forever putting others’ needs first?

Fed-up with always being the person responsible for everything?

Finding yourself repeating similar patterns and getting the same results?

Frequently wishing you were heading in another direction, doing something different, being someone else?

Frustratingly waiting for a miracle before you’ll feel able to move towards living the ‘someday life’ you really desire?

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Reaching a goal “From a rather sceptical beginning, I was amazed at the whole experience of life coaching. Over the course of 8 hour long sessions we covered a huge range of emotions, joy, sadness, hope, fear and much more. Each session left me feeling upbeat and optimistic and each time I grew a little more…”
Claire Kent, mum and entrepreneur
Finding a new direction “I was at a cross roads of life. I felt I had many options to consider re work and home-life, and was unsure which direction to take. I wasn’t sure what I expected (from life coaching) really, but with the professional and expert guidance, without pressure, you helped explore issues I had come up with and helped me clearly look at ways of moving forward …”
Anna Vita, midwife
Moving forward “Sandra’s ‘superpower’ as a coach was in hearing the things that I ‘didn’t’ say but did, and holding them up for scrutiny so I could see them for myself. Since coaching with Sandra, I have already moved on to a completely new field of work, which I’m really enjoying, and the coaching enabled me to move on in a way which has been not traumatic at all, which wasn’t what I was expecting it to feel like.”
Sarah Montagu
Following a dream “Sandra believed in my ability and capacity to make changes in my life and watched and listened as I gained the strength I needed to do so. I would like to thank Sandra for all her hard work, and her continued support since. I would highly recommend anyone to contact her, she should be available on the NHS!”
Jill Beckett, midwife, scuba diver, sailor ...